Our methodology

In order to allow efficient and rapid development of a solution, the team at soyooz follows a very strict and proven methodology in three different stages for the duration of 4 to 6 weeks on average for the launch of a solution.

Understanding the client roadmap and marketing objectives

We analyse the client roadmap for the purposes of integrating the service in the smoothest manner possible.

This stage allows a precise definition of:

  • Recommendation objectives
  • Functions desired (add to cart, download recommendations, etc…)
  • The degree of information given to the customer.
  • Editorial charter
  • etc.

This stage lasts between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the following steps:

  • Recuperation and analysis of the catalogue
  • Meetings
  • Preliminary simulation
  • Interface testing with panel of users
  • Client interface validation
  • Solution test results by the client
  • Model adjustments
  • Final tests and validation of the solution by the client
  • Production launch

Construction of the service


From a systematic analysis of the catalogue and a few fairly rapid meetings (2 or 3 that last on average two hours) with marketing/commercial heads of department as well as product managers, the soyooz team creates a computer model of trade knowledge. A combination of this model and our technology is then established. We create a salesperson with deep and extensive knowledge of the product base and marketing rules.

Service production launch


Soyooz provides a line of Javascript code to be integrated into the website/application in order to launch the soyooz service.


This stage only requires a few hours intervention for our clients.

For this phase, Soyooz recuperates either:

  • Catalogue updates allowing continual display of offers with price and product availability
  • A description file of up-to-date offers.

After the launch: 



Once in place, soyooz updates continually:

  • The catalogue (integrating any new products)
  • The functions and performance of the solution in order to take advantage of any technological advances.


What’s more, soyooz constantly analyses the behaviour of users in order to recommend:

  • Questionnaire improvements.
  • Eventual developments in terms of user experience.
  • Questionnaire and results modifications for “marketing” needs and product development.

Customer insight:

Soyooz provides a complete analysis at regular intervals:


  • Of user behaviour (number of users, numbers of products viewed etc.)
  • User expectations for the purposes of service improvement (e.g. what are their preferences for a particular use? Are they interested in products that are trending even if the price is superior to the budget given? etc.)

This “upstream” analysis complements the “downstream analysis” (effective sales). Understanding customers’ expectations expressed by customers in purchase situations provides a better reactivity and anticipation compared to the “post mortem analysis” based only on sales.