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soyooz in 3 steps


soyooz helps your customers to express their needs in a very simple way

Defining one’s needs can quickly become extremely complex. soyooz has developed a unique methodology to understand the customer’s needs using a few questions, just like your best salesperson would do. soyooz translates technical aspects into easily understandable language


soyooz provides smart recommandations

Using artificial intelligence and unique technology, soyooz
characterizes product usage, modeling product expertise, customer perspective and commercial strategy.
provides personalized recommendations matching the entire product offer and all expressed customer’s needs
This innovative technology is extremely powerful compared to simple filters or decision trees


soyooz justifies the recommendations

soyooz allows your customers easily understand why the proposed products or services fit their needs. Thus, customers can finalize their purchase in total confidence

soyooz performs better than your best salesperson

Boost your sales or lead generation

Your customers can discover products they wouldn’t find on their own.
You build the necessary confidence, reassure your customers and lead them to the next step

Enhance your marketing insights

You perfectly understand trends through the expressed needs of each customer, in a real purchase situation

Improve customer engagement

You deliver a unique experience to your customers, saving them precious time
You increase your brand stickiness

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